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Tag Archives: illness

I was sick and had to go off plan. I was on meds that just made me sick. I needed food, breads, crackers and things like that to coat my stomach. I tried to stay on plan but I just could not do it.

as a result I gained 5 lbs. I know I will lose it again but the thing is ……..the word Again……………….

I will go to the doctors tomorrow nd if I am taken off the meds I will start MF again that day. I really need to get all this crap out my system. I feel the difference. I feel unhealthy. I know I could haev chosen better foods to eat BUT i didnt. I could haev eaten whole breads but NOPE i got grands biscuts……….I didnt go over board but I didnt do what I could have cause in my mind I was like whats the point I am off plan anyway……..

.This is the problem I need to retrain my head. This does will fail if I do not retrain my brain to think of food in a different way. Well I have 7 months to do that. I hope to be finish this diet by July……..Time will tell

Be back in 3 day. I am going to try to post 2x a week