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I am getting used to drinking the nonsoy Medifast. I dont miss the bars as much as I thought I would. I have 7 boxes of them. I am goign to use them but not often. While I am not allergic to soy I now know how it will affect my bodu in large amounts. So I have to stick to one soy product maybe 3x a week at the most. I really think that may be too much but I will see how it goes. I also have 7 boxes of soups I may use them a few times a week also. I really enjoyed them and the chicken and rice has very low soy. Maybe my body can handle that more often. I am not ready to try it our right now But maybe in a few months. The shakes and snacks I will give away to a lady on my job. She SAYS she wants to try the program so maybe if I start her off she will continue on her own.

I have noticed my stomach has really gotten smaller. I am so full so fast. I mean if I overeat I am sick. My stomach feels like it is up in my chest. I love that. I think this will keep me from overeating later when I do transition. I also think it will help me this summer when I go back to the states.

I have not been home in 4 yrs. I am going to go visit all my family all over, Houston, Philly, Atlanta and my kids want to see a play in New York, and I want to do some skinny clothes shopping. . So I will be traveling and I will be around all kinds of food. This will be my real challange for me. In Philly I will be tempted with Philly cheesesteaks, Italian Ice, Soft Pretzels, and more. In Atlants all the soul food in the world is there, Houston, my mom.NUFF SAID …whos mother will not over do the cooking for their only child?? Then New York all the food from all over. I have already told my kids we will eat small amounts of food several times a day. There will be nooooooooooooo large anything even for them. They need to learn how to eat and be satisfied with correct portions and learn treats are just that ……..a treat not part of a meal and you dont get them all the time. My kids are thin as nails but that does not mean they are huband was proof of that died of a heart attach at 41 and was then and in shape. I am hoping I can feel then the way I do today.

I am happy with MF. I knew this would be it for me. I knew this would help me in ways I never dreamed of. I feel better. I feel healthier. I dont have swollen legs anymore. I see my blood pressur getting lower. One day I am hoping I iwll be off of it forever. I do not have the desires for the same foods I one did. Yes, I still crave sweets but not the amounts I used to. I do nto think I need a dozen dounuts anymore. I dont want any fast foods. I am happy with the different verieties of salads and my Love affair with fish and seafood is better than any love I had with a man……..LOL

I am off work for 31 days. This is a struggle for rme. I find it easy to stay on plan whenI am working. I dont even think of food but here at home OMG. My kids and their tempting foods. It is not that I want to go get a big plate of anything it is just those BLT. I just want a taste of everything. I am happy I am satisfied with BLT’s but right now I cant have them. It can mess me up and I do nto need that. I cannot afford to waste MF and that is what I do everytime I cheat. I wante it becuse I am not allowing it to work the way it is suppose to. I think Iwill be on MF until the summer. That is NOT a long time to go without things I desire. When I compare it to a lifetime of feeling good and looking wonderful. I think 6 months of no BLT’s is a small sacrifice.

Oh well I am off to clean my room. I SOOOOOOO miss my live in maid. I have gotten so spoiled living here. Live in help is cheap as water. I  had a maid for 3 yrs and I feel lost without one now. I never had one at home but I swear having one makes you really wonder how you ever manged without. The first time I had to clean my bathroom after my maid went home I was like…EWWWWWWWW I used to do this………HOW??LOL



Grab your dreams and run with them. Dont allow your nightmares to take them away 🙂


I am sorry I have not posted lately. I have been busy. end of term madness and just being a single mom of 3 children……..Well I found out I cant use large amounts of soy.  Most MF products use soy for the protien. I was consuming 40 to 60 grams of soy per day. This is NOT good for me.

While many people can use the soy MF shakes, soups and bars and have no reaction at all. I am not that lucky. The soy wrecked my thyroid. It just about shut down. I was tired, I had no energy. I looked and felt sick. I thought it was because of the lower calories but nope. I had swollen leg. This was not from the soy but from the amount of salt in those products.  My weightloss stalled. My body was in pain. I was poppin motrin like it was candy. Then one day I woke up and my mouth felt like it was on fire. I knew it was MF becuase this was the only thing I was really eating different.

Once I stopped taking the Mf  my body went back to normal. So now I am on the nonsoy Mf only. I am happy to say everything is going well. I lost 7 lbs this week. 

I still love Mf even with this set back.  I am not happy I had to experience this but I am determined to make this program work for me.

This program keeps me full and my weight is dropping off like nothing else. I have a work out cd I am goign to start using. NOT really for weightloss but more for toning and to get my heart healthy.  There is nothing more scary for me than to lose all this weight and still feel ugly becuase of hanging skin or saggy breast. YUCK

SO I hope to avoid some of that by doing these tapes.

This will be a huge test for me this month. I am on my winter break from work. Usually it is very easy for me to do MF becuase I am not home. There is no food for me to snack on or nothing to tempt me until I get home at 3. NOW I am home all day with my kids eating EVERYTHING.

So far it has been ok. I have been off work since Thursday and I have not gone off plan. I go back Jan 4 so we will see how it goes.

I have fallen in love with HOT cocca MF. It is so good and becuase the taste is so strong I make it double the stated on the box. Now i have a huge mug of this hot sweet delicious drink in the morning to warm me up. YES it gets cold over here. I am freezing in the morning. I never thought I would be so cold int he middle of the freakin desert:)

I am on my 5 day of Mf and I have lost 8lbs. I am so excited. I have never lost so much weight in such a short time. If I can lose before and during My timeof the month; I can lose weight anytime. This plan is for me!! 

I am feeling really good about my choice to buy Medifast. I enjoy the food, I am NOT hungry. I am losing weight. I feel like I cant fail. I feel stronger. I am NOT sick to the stomach like usually, not heart burn, no gas, or upset stomach. I am just loving it.

my goal was to lose 10 lbs my first week I think I will make it or be very close!! YEAH ME 🙂

 Thank you MEDIFAST!!!!!!

I had to take a peek and look at the scale and it is finally movining the right direction. I am down 5lbs in 3 days. I had to change my diet plan. I did my exercises for one week and slowly changed my eating.  The next week I ate a bit better and now this week I am 100% eating the way I want. I have found some sugar free ice pops and other frozen deserts an they have hepled alot.  I am a sugar feen and when I need sugar I will get it in any form, bread, candy, cookies, cake, whatever…..  Now I am good I feel like I am getting the sweets I need and I am getting results.

I know this has to be a way of life change. I have to stop eating sugar for the rest of my life. The other day I was hungry and wanted a quick meal. I was thinking of eating a eggo waffle. I sat in bed thinking to myself how it is only 70 calories and it is no big deal and I will use sugar free syrup and can restart my “diet ” the next day. I am gald I continued to think. It hit me that I have to think of things I can not eat as poison becuase to me they are. It may be ok for my kids to eat a piece of bread or snack on a real ice pop but for me I cant do it becuase it will kill me. LITERALLY kill me; everytime I eat sugar I am upping my chances for diabeaties to knock at my door. everytime I overeat and stop my diet I am waiting on my heart to stop beating. I cant eat the way I would LIKE to eat. I have to chose carefully and stick to my eating plan.

As a mother to three children that has no father I have to do this. My husband was very thin and I thought healthy but he died of a heart attack at 41. I am 41 now and I am not healthy and I do have medical issues. I am a walking time bomb if I do not lose this weight.  I want to see grand kids I want to see my kids grow up. I do not want to die becuase of food.  I have better reason to live for…………


breakfast eggbeaters and veggies




chicken burger with veggies


2 ice pops and jello

worked out only 30 mins on the bike 😦 I was sad and could not finish.

tomorrow will be better 🙂


I have been trying sugar free ice pops and I have enjoyed them. they have been a nice treat, low in calories and no sugar. the only draw back is they do not agree with my body

These things give me gas something awful. I mean they really make me stink:( I had no idea i could smell so bad. I have to figure out what to do becuase I need to have a treat or my diet will not work. The ice pops are only 10 calories and the ones with cream only 60. I can eat 2 a day and not be off my diet at all and still eat my sugar free jello after dinner.

The thing is If I continue to eat these things My family wont like me anymore.


My body hurts. I have been doing my new dvd. It is by CathE. Oh my goodness she is in good shape. I am doing her weightlifting series. It is 45 mins of working the entire body. we do dumbells and the barbell, they do a band I do not have one yet so I use what I have.

I am doing it every other day along with my cardio. On the other days I just do 2 hours of cardio. I have my kids joing in with me. They use 1 kg weights only. My older daughter can handle more weight but she is lazy.

I also have a donna Richardson oleschool dvd I am going to try today.  If I have the strength.

Food well I had a few set backs. I had some chocolate but only 1 bar all week. U susally i buy 3 at a time so that is progress. I have been reading on food combining and I may try to use some of that I read into my diet. It is kind of what I was doing anyway but It even talks about not mixing certain fruits. I was doing protien and veggies, carbs and veggies and fruit alone. They say meat and veggies, no meat and other protiens, like no eggs and bacon. so I can eat an eggs and veggie omlet but no meat. They also go into the different fruits but all i remember is mellons are to be eaten alone…… and never eat dessert right after dinner wait an hour.

Ok well thats my week……see you nest week

this morning I woke up seeing the truth not for the first time but for the first time I knew it. I am slowly killing myself. Everyday I eats tons of sugar. I eat fried foods. I do not exercise. I lay in the bed and watch tv. I am slowly killing myself.

Today I looked myself in the face and asked WHY???

Do I value sugar more than I do my own life?

Is working out too hard for me?

Do I not love myself enough to want to be healthy?

Do I not love my kids enough to want to be around for them?

Do I want to be sick for the rest of my life?


The answer to every question is  NO!!!!!


So then why do I do it? I don’t know, but I say to you this day that I will not longer be under the control of my cravings. I have to take back the control I gave over to food. I MUST make living healthy a part of my life. It has to be part of my daily routine just as washing my face and brushing my teeth are. I must not allow my hunger or cravings and laziness to overtake me again. Yes, I may slip up but I have to say it is ok and keep going.

My promise to myself is

I will exercise 6 days a week. I have no excuse. I have dvd’s, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine, a weight machine, and free weights in my home. I live very close to the cornice and I can walk there everyday if I want to get out.

I will not eat any refined sugar. Fruit and foods that naturally contain sugar will be my only source of that poison that enters my body.

No more fast foods.

I will eat eat healthy meals.  No more low carb mess. No I wont eat refined carbs, but I will eat whole carbs and I will eat fruit. I will only eat meals I cook myself. No more processed foods.

I have to do this. If not for my then my kids. I have 3 children that depend on me. They love and adore me. I am thier only parent, Their dad died 9 yrs ago. I am it.

I have to do this. I will log in and post what my achievement and failures are. I will keep it up this time. I have to. I only have one life to live and It is time I start living.

I want to not be the fat mom. I dont want to be the mother that cant do things becuase she is embarrased. I want to wear clothes and feel like a woman of 41 not my grand mom. I feel old, I am sick, I do not have a life.

So I will be sore for a few days or weeks. I will be hungry for sugar. I will be going through withdraw for a few days. I will haev headachs. I will be cranky. I will be sad. But when it is over. a beautiful butterfly will emerge.

The new me, the real me………I will finally have a life.

I will live……..

God willing I will live



I’m back on track now. I have been walking everyday for an hour or more and then I ride my bike at least 1 hour. So far I have lost 6 lbs.

I have dumped the Atkins thing but I am still doing my own low carb thing. I am not eating any sugar or anything that is a simple carb. I am eating tons of veggies and enough protein. when I eat a carb it is a complex carb so my body will digest is slowly. I think this will be the best for me. When i took a break from Atkins my weight came back so fast and I gained more than I had lost so now I am working off 7 extra pounds………yuck.  I know there is no way I am going to give up fruit and carbs all together. So I had to rethink my diet and think about what I will do forever not just for a short period of time.

I have not problem giving up sugar. I need to do this for my health. I am a sugar addict. I need to give it up for my self not just to lose weight ;so that is gone. I can live without french fries, white potatoes, and white flour; there is however no way I can give up bread, whole wheat, pasta, again whole wheat, or fruit. I love these things and I don’t see the point in denying myself for life. I just wont do it. So I read tons of info and think this will be better for me. I can still have my treats when i needs them but my over all food intake will be smaller and healthier.

I sometimes wonder if all this meat eating will kill me. I have never eaten as much food as I am eating now. I know I am losing weight and this will make my whole body healthier.  But I dont know if this will make my heart bad while making my body better. I know that sonds crazy but this is whats on my mind today.

I think I willlay off the scale. I have been on that thing everymorning. I need to stop. I will not get on it again umtil the 9th. If I do everything right but have no weigth loss I quit. Maybe my body is a slow burner. I have heard of people losing 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Me I have barly lost 4 lbs. I weighed myself and one day Im down 4 lbs the next I gained 2 then the next I am down 1 then next I am up another pound. I am going crazy.

I also came accross these great recipies and I thought I would share them with you.

OIAB this is a candy

5 Squares unsweetened baking chocolate
6 T Unsalted butter
Extra butter to grease muffin tins
4 C Splenda granular
3 C + 6 T Heavy Whipping cream
24 ozs Cream cheese
3 T Unsweetened cocoa powder
6 T Sugar free peanut butter
Cooking Instructions:
Grease 24 muffin cups with butter and place tins in freezer.Melt unsweetened chocolate with 6 T of butter.

crab cakes

1 pound lump crabmeat, picked over for cartilage etc.1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 egg, beaten

1/2 teaspoon Old Bay seafood seasoningdash of salt

optional – oil for frying

Cooking Instructions:
In a large glass bowl, fold ingredients together taking care to coat all of the crabmeat. Mold into 4 patties. Place on baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve.Or alternately, pan fry in oil lightly for 2-3 minutes. Remove and place on paper towels to drain

stuffed mushroom

8 Medium Portobello Mushrooms — cleaned
8 Oz shrimp — chopped fine
1 C mushrooms — chopped fine
1/2 C onions — chopped fine
3 Oz Butter
1 Oz Olive Oil
1 T Garlic — minced
2 Medium eggs
2 T Chicken boullion
2 C Almond flour
1 T parsley
1 t coarse ground black pepper
2 Ozs white wine
12 Oz crabmeat — shredded
8 Oz Mozzarella Cheese — shredded
Cooking Instructions:
Brush Portobellos with olive oil and grill until done approx 5-7 minutes.Meanwhile saute shrimp, mushrooms, and onions in butter, olive oil and garlic until shrimp turns pink. Remove from heat, add all other ingredients and mix well until mixture becomes firm. Add an additional egg or additional almond flour until the mixture can easily be formed by hand into balls. Place approx 4-5 ounces into portobello mushroom, spreading so that it covers from edge to edge.

Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella, and broil until cheese starts to brown. Serve.