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I know I am overweight. I have known this for a long time. Many time….time after time I have wanted to lose weight and keep it off. However, for what ever reason I have not been able to do it. This time I HAVE to do it. I have to suceed where I have failed before.

I am 41. I spent all my 30s overweight. I have to end this cycle. I have children I do not want this to be theri only example of how a mother shoudl look or feel. I need to feel healthy. I have been scared everyday that I may have a heartattack but not scared enough to stop eating. What is wrogn with that. Too many things to even go into. The one thing I will say is I know in order to lose weight I have to concor my demons. I have to look myself in the face and accept that I am an emotional eater. I use food to calm my nerves. I also need to get off my fat butt and get healthy.

So I, like millions of other peopel all over the world resolve to lose weight this year….not just a few pounds…but, ALL MY WEIGHT!!

I will exersize at least 5 days a week. I will ride my stattionary bike an hour a day. I will go to the gym to take a class. I will do that to maybe make some friends that are over weight and we can help each other to stick with it.

I will cut down on my sugar, cakes, candy, and breads. I will stick to the low carb diet. I will stay away from foods the trigger my bindg eatting.

I will blog my ups and downs.

I will be honest.

I will love myself no matter how I do.

I will not only lose weight but get healthy physically and mentall.

If i stick to this. I will see results.

Pray for me


Well I have been doing ok. This is my second day with no sugar, no simple carbs, and no bread….Yes if you guessed I am doing a low carb diet.

 I will eat carbs but just whole grain and complex carbs. No more bread made with white flour, no more white rice, I will eat brown rice instead. However, right now for 30 days I will only eat protien and veggies. Once my body gets used to this way of eating I will slowly introduce carbs back into my diet.

The thing is today I want an OREO. Not just one I want a pack; not just one pack I want a box. I am doing everything I can to not eat them. I have a ton of them in the house. My kids take them to school for snack. They are in packs of three and I want about 5 packs……LOL….

So far I have been able to stay away……Please pray for me……

OK, day 2 and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t eat right or exercise. I laid in bed and felt sorry for myself. I feel like why even start when i know i am going to fail. I feel like why lose the weight no one will see it. I feel like it is soooooooooo much weight that I will not even see any change. then I think I am just being stupid but by then I had already eaten a twix bar and 2 pieces of KFC.

Now i feel worse than I did before. This is an endless cycle that i have to get out of. I will NEVER lose weight if I always act like this…………Tomorrow NO matter what I will work out as soon as i get up. I will eat Nothing but what is on my diet….i am defrosting my fish now. It will be ready to cook in the morning for my lunch. No excuses. I will do this. I will lose this weight and get the demon out my life. I will , I have to, I need to , I really want to…….GOD help me..

Today I start my life. A life filled with ups and down. I know this is no different than any other life. But today, My life will include freedom. freedomt o chose to lose weight. Freedom to look at myself everyday and know I am doing my best.  Freedom to wake up everymorning knowing this is another day I am alive and will make the best of it.

My struggle:

I have been overweight a long time. I have lost 57 lbs. However my mother came to visit and i quickly gained 20lbs back.

I will try to lose that and 50 more lbs.

yeah wow that is alot of weight!!

but I am sick of it.

I guess I am lucky I am tall…Thank you mom and dad. 😉

I will blog my daily routine and weekly weigh in. I will try to get a weightloss tracker to track my progress.

I will also upload utube videos of my journey.