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The other day I was about to eat a small bit of pasta. I was about to get a plate saying to myself its just a small bit. I also said I will do it 100% op tomorrow; and then it hit me. Why, why stop what I have started? Why is it so easy to say I will start over tomorrow? why is it so easy to feel like it is ok to cheat on Mf or any diet.
If I want this to work I have to do it. What is more important, losing weight, or 5 mins of happiness from pasta. What will make me happier 5 mins of pasta or a liftime of thin?

If I had cancer I would never say well I will take a little bit of meds today and get back on track tomorrow. I would never say its ok to start all over.
If I was sick with the flu I would do everything I could to feel better asap. Why would I not do the same for my weight. It is all about my health. I want to be healthy. I want to be thinner. So why is it ok to put that off until tomorrow? well, its not. I have to do this 100% of the time all time 100% OP. If not I am waisting my money and my time.

Why pay all this money for Mf food and not use it the way it issupposed to be used. If I ate the pasta I would have paid money to gain weight. No doubt I would have woke up the next morning at least 1-2 lbs heavier.
So I am here to say a lightbulb went off and I will no longer talk myself into any food that is off plan. I will not longer have any BLT’s. I will do this plan 100% of the tome 100% op.

I cant think of a reason not to; can YOU?


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