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I am getting used to drinking the nonsoy Medifast. I dont miss the bars as much as I thought I would. I have 7 boxes of them. I am goign to use them but not often. While I am not allergic to soy I now know how it will affect my bodu in large amounts. So I have to stick to one soy product maybe 3x a week at the most. I really think that may be too much but I will see how it goes. I also have 7 boxes of soups I may use them a few times a week also. I really enjoyed them and the chicken and rice has very low soy. Maybe my body can handle that more often. I am not ready to try it our right now But maybe in a few months. The shakes and snacks I will give away to a lady on my job. She SAYS she wants to try the program so maybe if I start her off she will continue on her own.

I have noticed my stomach has really gotten smaller. I am so full so fast. I mean if I overeat I am sick. My stomach feels like it is up in my chest. I love that. I think this will keep me from overeating later when I do transition. I also think it will help me this summer when I go back to the states.

I have not been home in 4 yrs. I am going to go visit all my family all over, Houston, Philly, Atlanta and my kids want to see a play in New York, and I want to do some skinny clothes shopping. . So I will be traveling and I will be around all kinds of food. This will be my real challange for me. In Philly I will be tempted with Philly cheesesteaks, Italian Ice, Soft Pretzels, and more. In Atlants all the soul food in the world is there, Houston, my mom.NUFF SAID …whos mother will not over do the cooking for their only child?? Then New York all the food from all over. I have already told my kids we will eat small amounts of food several times a day. There will be nooooooooooooo large anything even for them. They need to learn how to eat and be satisfied with correct portions and learn treats are just that ……..a treat not part of a meal and you dont get them all the time. My kids are thin as nails but that does not mean they are huband was proof of that died of a heart attach at 41 and was then and in shape. I am hoping I can feel then the way I do today.

I am happy with MF. I knew this would be it for me. I knew this would help me in ways I never dreamed of. I feel better. I feel healthier. I dont have swollen legs anymore. I see my blood pressur getting lower. One day I am hoping I iwll be off of it forever. I do not have the desires for the same foods I one did. Yes, I still crave sweets but not the amounts I used to. I do nto think I need a dozen dounuts anymore. I dont want any fast foods. I am happy with the different verieties of salads and my Love affair with fish and seafood is better than any love I had with a man……..LOL

I am off work for 31 days. This is a struggle for rme. I find it easy to stay on plan whenI am working. I dont even think of food but here at home OMG. My kids and their tempting foods. It is not that I want to go get a big plate of anything it is just those BLT. I just want a taste of everything. I am happy I am satisfied with BLT’s but right now I cant have them. It can mess me up and I do nto need that. I cannot afford to waste MF and that is what I do everytime I cheat. I wante it becuse I am not allowing it to work the way it is suppose to. I think Iwill be on MF until the summer. That is NOT a long time to go without things I desire. When I compare it to a lifetime of feeling good and looking wonderful. I think 6 months of no BLT’s is a small sacrifice.

Oh well I am off to clean my room. I SOOOOOOO miss my live in maid. I have gotten so spoiled living here. Live in help is cheap as water. I  had a maid for 3 yrs and I feel lost without one now. I never had one at home but I swear having one makes you really wonder how you ever manged without. The first time I had to clean my bathroom after my maid went home I was like…EWWWWWWWW I used to do this………HOW??LOL



Grab your dreams and run with them. Dont allow your nightmares to take them away 🙂


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