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I am sorry I have not posted lately. I have been busy. end of term madness and just being a single mom of 3 children……..Well I found out I cant use large amounts of soy.  Most MF products use soy for the protien. I was consuming 40 to 60 grams of soy per day. This is NOT good for me.

While many people can use the soy MF shakes, soups and bars and have no reaction at all. I am not that lucky. The soy wrecked my thyroid. It just about shut down. I was tired, I had no energy. I looked and felt sick. I thought it was because of the lower calories but nope. I had swollen leg. This was not from the soy but from the amount of salt in those products.  My weightloss stalled. My body was in pain. I was poppin motrin like it was candy. Then one day I woke up and my mouth felt like it was on fire. I knew it was MF becuase this was the only thing I was really eating different.

Once I stopped taking the Mf  my body went back to normal. So now I am on the nonsoy Mf only. I am happy to say everything is going well. I lost 7 lbs this week. 

I still love Mf even with this set back.  I am not happy I had to experience this but I am determined to make this program work for me.

This program keeps me full and my weight is dropping off like nothing else. I have a work out cd I am goign to start using. NOT really for weightloss but more for toning and to get my heart healthy.  There is nothing more scary for me than to lose all this weight and still feel ugly becuase of hanging skin or saggy breast. YUCK

SO I hope to avoid some of that by doing these tapes.

This will be a huge test for me this month. I am on my winter break from work. Usually it is very easy for me to do MF becuase I am not home. There is no food for me to snack on or nothing to tempt me until I get home at 3. NOW I am home all day with my kids eating EVERYTHING.

So far it has been ok. I have been off work since Thursday and I have not gone off plan. I go back Jan 4 so we will see how it goes.

I have fallen in love with HOT cocca MF. It is so good and becuase the taste is so strong I make it double the stated on the box. Now i have a huge mug of this hot sweet delicious drink in the morning to warm me up. YES it gets cold over here. I am freezing in the morning. I never thought I would be so cold int he middle of the freakin desert:)


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