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what do you do when you get a craving or are hungry? Do you give up, Do you just give in and start over, What do you do?

I think you can do both. There are times when you just cant fight it and you will or may fall off the MF plan. If so DONT GIVE UP!! keep on moving and remember it took along time to put on your weight and it will take a while to get it off. So if you have a brief set back, do not be hard on yourself. Learn what to do the next time and improve.

These are some things I have learned to do.

Drink more warter

Try to keep busy and take your mind off of food

If you really need food try a MF snack

if the snack is not enough and you already had you L&G maybe have an extra shake. It is MUCH better than a candy bar, chips, an extra helping of food, or worse

Call a friend. This can take your mind off food and time passes quickly when you are having a good conversation.

If it is late and you have this option; some good love makin is always a good choice. It will burn calories, take your mind off the hunger, and you will fall asleep and sleep good and FORGET about your hunger 🙂


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