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I know it is early and this will not last but I am so happy. I woke up and i am down another pound.

I am about to place another order. I am goign to do it for 2 months this time. I am feeling really good about the program. They have a 100% refund program for unused items so IF something happens that I have to stop the prgram I will be ok.

I cant imagine any reason I will stop becuase I am feeling so good. No stomach problem, No more worrying a food. I just love that. Usually every night I had heartburn or something. That is gone!!!

I am just in a place in my life where i am really ready to lose this weight and make a change in my life. I am working on the WHOLE PERSON. I know I have to change my whole way of life. I have to adjust the way I look at food. I will have to change my way of thinking and eating. I am also working on my emotional problem. I used to eat when I am sad or feeling lonely. That is just about every day. I hate being alone. That is my biggest problem. I love being around people and socialising. Since movint o Doah I have been VERY LONELY. I usually make friends quickly but here it has been a problem. I just haev not found peopel I want to be with. I talk to people at work parent and co workers but once I go home………….NOTHING

My phone does not ring and even on the net I do nto get as many emails or chat on the messangers as often. This makes me depressed and I will run and grab a cookie. NO MORE!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for Medifast. It allows me to not think of food. WHen and IF I think of food it is becuse I am hungry. I just have a shake. Usually I would think of food all day. When I was on Atkins I would think of what I could or could not eat. Those days are gone. I know my limits and I am happy with them.

My advice

Drink lots of water

do the plan the way it is suppose to be done

Have the extra snack sparingly IF you need them

for me I need my bars, others do not use them BUT for me I have one 6:30 every night with my flavor Infusors drink

never skip a meal

keep shakes in the car for emergencies

Enjoy your lean and green meal but do not over eat

use the My medifast site

read other peoples post they make you know you can do this too


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