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I am feeling good so far. I am learing alot about my eating habbits. Not having to eat gives me time to think about or reflect on my old way of eating and why i over eat.

I eat when I am nervous, I eat when something really good happens I eat when I am lonely and I eat when I ear when I am sad. Ok I just decribed my live. We all have good days and bad days but we dont have to over eat because of them.

I live overseas and have no real family or friends. My children are with me but lets face it they are not what I need when I am upset or feeling lonely. Usually they are the reason I am upset. Getting a preteen or teenager to listen is close to impossible 🙂 😦 So this leaves me feeling out of sorts. My personality is one that REQUIRES friends not alot but a few, a few good ones. I need to socalise but the way my life is I dont have time. I work then tutor then I am doing homework with the kids and housework, YUCK No real time for me and so with the time I did have I ate and I ate.

Now for whatever reason I dont really think about food. Maybe I am finally at the point in my life where I am done with being fat. I am so sick of myslef it isnt funny. I have never felt the need to lose weight like I do now. YEAH, I have wanted to lose weight and dreamed of being thinner but NOW I feel liek this is life or death or like if I dont do it I will go crazy. I think that is why this Medifast is so easy for me. I know it is not a lifetime thing(my struggle with food is im talking medifast) and when I am finish I will look and feel better.

Thats it. I am sick of being sick…………………..I finally hear my body screaming at me to do the righ tthing.


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