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Long time no see. Well I started MEdifast diet and so far things are going great. I am not hungry and the taste is not that bad. I like it WAY better than the store brought brands.

Ok what is medifast.

Medifast is a liquid, low calorie, low carb diet.  I drink 5 drinks a day and eat one meal.  each drink is about 100 calories and my meal is usually around 300-400 so my daily caloric intake is around 700-800 a day. YES, it is low but this is not a life long diet. I will slowly introduce food back into my diet and really I eat food now. The thing is they are not all drinks. They have soup, eggs, bars, oatmeal, and shakes.

this is a normal day for me

5am Shake

8am Shake

11am Soup

2pm shake or drink

5pm meal

630 bar and a no sugar drink

I swear I am not hungry and I am not thinking about food all day like I usually do on diets. I do nto have to worry about what I can and can not eat. I pack what I need all day in my bag and I am done.

Normally I am always thinking about what I can or cant eat next. I swear when I am on a diet my mind is constantly on food. I think about food all day and it drives me crazy. I have tried low carb, no meat, slim fast, you name it I tried it. This is the first time I think my mind is really ready for a change. I feel really good about it and I am excited everyday.

I look at food and just think it is not worth it. I know this is a quick fix to a long term problem but I need this in order to move forward. I will post most days just to keep a record of what I am doing and feeling.

I will set up a page for my weekly weigh in results.  wish me luck


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