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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Ok this week I am down 6 inches!!! I didnt lose much weight becuase I had an emotional week. I ate a few cookies and that took me out of ketosis. The thing is while I was eating them I was saying to myself Why am I eating this, I am not hungry. I am less hungry on MF and the fact that I am full off these little shakes, drink, bars,and soups is amazing. When I think of what I used to eat it is shocking. It showed me my body never needed that much food.
I am learning about myself on this plan. Learnign things that will allow me to do better once I am off.

YES I CAN!!!!!!!!!


what do you do when you get a craving or are hungry? Do you give up, Do you just give in and start over, What do you do?

I think you can do both. There are times when you just cant fight it and you will or may fall off the MF plan. If so DONT GIVE UP!! keep on moving and remember it took along time to put on your weight and it will take a while to get it off. So if you have a brief set back, do not be hard on yourself. Learn what to do the next time and improve.

These are some things I have learned to do.

Drink more warter

Try to keep busy and take your mind off of food

If you really need food try a MF snack

if the snack is not enough and you already had you L&G maybe have an extra shake. It is MUCH better than a candy bar, chips, an extra helping of food, or worse

Call a friend. This can take your mind off food and time passes quickly when you are having a good conversation.

If it is late and you have this option; some good love makin is always a good choice. It will burn calories, take your mind off the hunger, and you will fall asleep and sleep good and FORGET about your hunger 🙂

Well I hit 9 lbs. I didnt make my goal but I am very happy with my progress so far. My goal for this week is 5 lbs. I will start walking 5x a week and goign to the gym to take a class 2x a week. I think that should shake my body up.

The one thing I do not want to is tlose all this weight and look like a pile of skin when I am finished. I have to work out and firm up at the same time. I know I will have some skin but I do not want tons of it.

well I am off to make my lunch, Chicken Noodle soup

See you in a few days

I know it is early and this will not last but I am so happy. I woke up and i am down another pound.

I am about to place another order. I am goign to do it for 2 months this time. I am feeling really good about the program. They have a 100% refund program for unused items so IF something happens that I have to stop the prgram I will be ok.

I cant imagine any reason I will stop becuase I am feeling so good. No stomach problem, No more worrying a food. I just love that. Usually every night I had heartburn or something. That is gone!!!

I am just in a place in my life where i am really ready to lose this weight and make a change in my life. I am working on the WHOLE PERSON. I know I have to change my whole way of life. I have to adjust the way I look at food. I will have to change my way of thinking and eating. I am also working on my emotional problem. I used to eat when I am sad or feeling lonely. That is just about every day. I hate being alone. That is my biggest problem. I love being around people and socialising. Since movint o Doah I have been VERY LONELY. I usually make friends quickly but here it has been a problem. I just haev not found peopel I want to be with. I talk to people at work parent and co workers but once I go home………….NOTHING

My phone does not ring and even on the net I do nto get as many emails or chat on the messangers as often. This makes me depressed and I will run and grab a cookie. NO MORE!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for Medifast. It allows me to not think of food. WHen and IF I think of food it is becuse I am hungry. I just have a shake. Usually I would think of food all day. When I was on Atkins I would think of what I could or could not eat. Those days are gone. I know my limits and I am happy with them.

My advice

Drink lots of water

do the plan the way it is suppose to be done

Have the extra snack sparingly IF you need them

for me I need my bars, others do not use them BUT for me I have one 6:30 every night with my flavor Infusors drink

never skip a meal

keep shakes in the car for emergencies

Enjoy your lean and green meal but do not over eat

use the My medifast site

read other peoples post they make you know you can do this too

I am on my 5 day of Mf and I have lost 8lbs. I am so excited. I have never lost so much weight in such a short time. If I can lose before and during My timeof the month; I can lose weight anytime. This plan is for me!! 

I am feeling really good about my choice to buy Medifast. I enjoy the food, I am NOT hungry. I am losing weight. I feel like I cant fail. I feel stronger. I am NOT sick to the stomach like usually, not heart burn, no gas, or upset stomach. I am just loving it.

my goal was to lose 10 lbs my first week I think I will make it or be very close!! YEAH ME 🙂

 Thank you MEDIFAST!!!!!!

I am feeling good so far. I am learing alot about my eating habbits. Not having to eat gives me time to think about or reflect on my old way of eating and why i over eat.

I eat when I am nervous, I eat when something really good happens I eat when I am lonely and I eat when I ear when I am sad. Ok I just decribed my live. We all have good days and bad days but we dont have to over eat because of them.

I live overseas and have no real family or friends. My children are with me but lets face it they are not what I need when I am upset or feeling lonely. Usually they are the reason I am upset. Getting a preteen or teenager to listen is close to impossible 🙂 😦 So this leaves me feeling out of sorts. My personality is one that REQUIRES friends not alot but a few, a few good ones. I need to socalise but the way my life is I dont have time. I work then tutor then I am doing homework with the kids and housework, YUCK No real time for me and so with the time I did have I ate and I ate.

Now for whatever reason I dont really think about food. Maybe I am finally at the point in my life where I am done with being fat. I am so sick of myslef it isnt funny. I have never felt the need to lose weight like I do now. YEAH, I have wanted to lose weight and dreamed of being thinner but NOW I feel liek this is life or death or like if I dont do it I will go crazy. I think that is why this Medifast is so easy for me. I know it is not a lifetime thing(my struggle with food is im talking medifast) and when I am finish I will look and feel better.

Thats it. I am sick of being sick…………………..I finally hear my body screaming at me to do the righ tthing.

Long time no see. Well I started MEdifast diet and so far things are going great. I am not hungry and the taste is not that bad. I like it WAY better than the store brought brands.

Ok what is medifast.

Medifast is a liquid, low calorie, low carb diet.  I drink 5 drinks a day and eat one meal.  each drink is about 100 calories and my meal is usually around 300-400 so my daily caloric intake is around 700-800 a day. YES, it is low but this is not a life long diet. I will slowly introduce food back into my diet and really I eat food now. The thing is they are not all drinks. They have soup, eggs, bars, oatmeal, and shakes.

this is a normal day for me

5am Shake

8am Shake

11am Soup

2pm shake or drink

5pm meal

630 bar and a no sugar drink

I swear I am not hungry and I am not thinking about food all day like I usually do on diets. I do nto have to worry about what I can and can not eat. I pack what I need all day in my bag and I am done.

Normally I am always thinking about what I can or cant eat next. I swear when I am on a diet my mind is constantly on food. I think about food all day and it drives me crazy. I have tried low carb, no meat, slim fast, you name it I tried it. This is the first time I think my mind is really ready for a change. I feel really good about it and I am excited everyday.

I look at food and just think it is not worth it. I know this is a quick fix to a long term problem but I need this in order to move forward. I will post most days just to keep a record of what I am doing and feeling.

I will set up a page for my weekly weigh in results.  wish me luck