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Well I have been doing ok. This is my second day with no sugar, no simple carbs, and no bread….Yes if you guessed I am doing a low carb diet.

 I will eat carbs but just whole grain and complex carbs. No more bread made with white flour, no more white rice, I will eat brown rice instead. However, right now for 30 days I will only eat protien and veggies. Once my body gets used to this way of eating I will slowly introduce carbs back into my diet.

The thing is today I want an OREO. Not just one I want a pack; not just one pack I want a box. I am doing everything I can to not eat them. I have a ton of them in the house. My kids take them to school for snack. They are in packs of three and I want about 5 packs……LOL….

So far I have been able to stay away……Please pray for me……


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