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OK, day 2 and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t eat right or exercise. I laid in bed and felt sorry for myself. I feel like why even start when i know i am going to fail. I feel like why lose the weight no one will see it. I feel like it is soooooooooo much weight that I will not even see any change. then I think I am just being stupid but by then I had already eaten a twix bar and 2 pieces of KFC.

Now i feel worse than I did before. This is an endless cycle that i have to get out of. I will NEVER lose weight if I always act like this…………Tomorrow NO matter what I will work out as soon as i get up. I will eat Nothing but what is on my diet….i am defrosting my fish now. It will be ready to cook in the morning for my lunch. No excuses. I will do this. I will lose this weight and get the demon out my life. I will , I have to, I need to , I really want to…….GOD help me..


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